the year13-ready

for students
in Year13
in 2021


Launching February 2021- secure your place

  • What to do when your NCEA results come

  • How to pick a path and keep your options open

  • Matching skills and interests with job and study options

  • Asking for subjects that aren’t offered at your school

  • Backing yourself - being focused and flexible

  • Leadership opportunities, grades, part-time jobs, friends

  • Navigating change

for girls who want a maximised year 13  


I am smart

I am strong

I am capable

I am woman







make your

last year

your best



COACH: Donna Luand BA English, Diploma Teaching

Donna is an English teacher with over 25 years experience

in a variety of schools in New Zealand and overseas.

During this time Donna has worked for the Ministry of

Education’s website, contracted to NZQA and supported

students at distance nationwide.


Donna will spend 1 month preparing students for a planned and well considered Year13.

Investment $95 + GST pp

  • Live zoom coaching sessions

  • 1 month membership to a Facebook group that will provide a daily injection of motivation and information

Topics that will be included in the monthly coaching


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