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High School Presentations

Co-founders Marina Shearer and Jo Mathieson have 25 years experience each in corporate speaking and facilitation.  As professional speakers in their own right they offer High Schools their knowledge, experience and passion for the success of your students.  Please contact us for more information to

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Bounce & Balance is for YEAR 11 female students.


A challenge to every young woman to take responsibility for her ability to respond to every situation, either by bouncing or balancing.   This 50 minute presentation is packed with practical information to support mental well-being and provide solutions to manage anxiety & the feeling of being over whelmed.


Grit & Pivot is for YEAR 12/13  female students.


This presentation follows the dual journeys of co-founders Marina and Jo as they found their careers through separate pathways.  Their stories speak to redundancy, disappointment, surprise, catastrophe, and determination.  At the end of the 50 min presentation students will understand that they can either GRIT or PIVOT to create their very own success stories.


Senior Students from Kapiti College for Grit and Pivot in June 2020

Grit & Pivot at Paraparaumu College June 2020 with Annabella, Alyssa and Cassie.

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