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I have gained lots of knowledge about myself during this course. One thing that I got from this group which surprised me was that it brought me and my mum closer, we talked about the group, about what was being posted and about what I was finding out about myself.

Thank you for this awesome opportunity.

- Holly G, June 2020

My daughter has had Marina as a coach for the last year.  Marina has provided useful tools to her for self-development and goal setting over this time.  She has a strong encouraging relationship with my daughter, who trusts her completely.  
For me, it is peace of mind to know that there is a guiding hand during these years of great change in a young person's life.  I would definitely recommend Marina as a life coach.

- Claudine Barnes

Our family has known Marina for over 25 years. In  that time Marina has had a very special relationship not only with our family unit but especially with our two daughters as they have grown up.  


Marina has guided them both through their teenage years during school and their career choices. Marina has a good ear for listening and is trustworthy, shows empathy and is very easy to talk to.  Both girls feel very fortunate to have had her as their friend and personal coach.  


As a mother I have valued and appreciated Marina being involved throughout our girls life.

- Jill Black

My daughter and I have had Marina as a coach and facilitator. We have attended several of her workshops. And have both found her to be very insightful, interesting & inspiring. We have learnt a lot from Marina's coaching and workshops. 

Thank you so much Marina, you are an inspiration

- Joanne Moriarty