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Tertiary Ready 

Tertiary study is a step up in challenge from High School, each year of Tertiary study becomes more challenging as you head towards your graduation.  Our Tertiary-Ready programme helps you to prepare for all that is ahead of you. 


You can access the coaching programme at your own pace & place. We recommend this programme for girls in their senior years of High School and for those heading to University in the upcoming year.  

You receive access to the full programme including email support for 1 month.


1.  Welcome and Introduction to Tertiary Study

2.  Where should you study?

3.  Planning your study

4.  Subjects and papers

5.  Where should you live?

6.  First year - the fresher challenge

7.  Learning challenges

8.  The Library connection

9.  Coping with anxiety

10.  Goal Management

11.  Time Management

12.  How to study

13.  Financial Management

14.  Applying for Scholarships

15.  Emotional Intelligence

16.  Networking at Tertiary Level

17.  Textbooks

18.  Understanding Postgraduate

19.  Orientation week

20.  Alcohol and Girls


October 2022

for a coach led month of
tertiary ready + coach
assistance for $55