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  • be campus ready

  • be financially ready

  • be tertiary level study ready

  • be flatting ready

  • be halls of residence ready

  • be lecturer ready

for year 13 girls who want more education

the beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you
- BB King

dare to do what you dare to dream

education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom
- Oprah Winfrey

Coach Marina Shearer BSc. psychology Dip Professional Coaching


  • 20 coaching topics

  • 5 recorded zoom interviews

  • Membership to a private facebook group for engagement

  • Email access to Coach Marina for 1 month

20 Coaching Topics

1.  Welcome and Introduction to Tertiary Study

2.  Where should you study?

3.  Planning your study

4.  Subjects and papers

5.  Where should you live?

6.  First year - the fresher challenge

7.  Learning challenges

8.  The Library connection

9.  Coping with anxiety

10.  Goal Management

11.  Time Management

12.  How to study

13.  Financial Management

14.  Applying for Scholarships

15.  Emotional Intelligence

16.  Networking at Tertiary Level

17.  Textbooks

18.  Understanding Postgraduate

19.  Orientation week

20.  Alcohol and Girls

5 Recorded Interviews 

1.Mikayla Choat - her finanical story ( she won 2 scholarships to study)

2. Rhona Roberts - campus wellness

3.  Lotta Dann - her journey with Tertiary study and alcohol

4.  Marina Shearer - explaining Extended DISC profiles

5.  Alex Monteath - graduate and personal trainer 


Add a full psychometric report to your Tertiary-Ready package and receive a 19 page personalised report that can be used to identify opportunities for your daughter.  This report comes with a 45 min coaching recorded for her to understand how to maximise her report. $240 to upgrade for the Extended DISC report. 


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Thrive 13 coach Marina Shearer interviews Dr Vanessa Lattimore about her education and role as a Breast Cancer Researcher. Educated at Lincoln University and Otago University Vanessa didn't know for a long time what she wanted to do with her life, after years of study she found her place and is now loving the research she is doing. Vanessa is a great example of studying what you love and finding your niche.

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