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Study Skills Workshops

A workshop for all high school aged students (boys welcome). 

All are welcome who want to learn how to study and prepare for exams.  Choose the date that suits you best from these options and book at the bottom of this page.  Numbers are limited so book to secure your spot.


Join Coach Julia McAllister author of


  • Give your students the best chance they have to learn the skills that will enable them to study, remember and perform the best that they possibly can for their exams.


  • Get the skills early in the year so students can practice them and use them straight away, enabling them to study throughout the year and not cram just before exams.


  • Students will learn how to use strategies to help improve their memory recall during exam times, as well as strategies to study more material whilst using their time and quality of thought more effectively and efficiently, according to tried and tested evidence based research methods.


  • Students will be shown how to engage with, and encourage self-regulated learning that will see enable better application, & recall of learning and knowledge during educational assessment.


  • Neurodiverse students are also catered for in this workshop, with special tips provided on sensory based study methods for use with students who have specific learning disabilities.


  • This is a hands-on practical session, and students are encouraged to bring questions.


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