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Students at all levels experience frustration in school, not because they necessarily lack ability, but because they lack critical study skills.   Study skills are vital for success in school, to enable feelings of competence, to develop positive self confidence, and to help students take control of how well they do in school and in life.  Study skills lay the foundation for successful work habits as an adult.


Study Ready is our programme created to support all students whether they be at High School, Polytech or University.  We know that this content is vital for every student who is serious about getting the best results that they can possibly achieve while maintaining their own wellbeing.


Students can access the coaching programme at their own pace and place.

Study-Ready Programme Content

There are 20 self coaching units in the Study-Ready programme, these include: 


How to Study

Learning how to study is a skill not taught by many schools.  Exams require the retention and demonstration of learned information; learn how to study for exam preparation in a way that is best for you and your learning style.


Personal Organisation

Students will find out about how organisation of space can impact the organisation of our mind and are challenged to create a space in their home where they can focus and study well.



Student self-care will play a huge part in their exam performance.  A student who has taken care of their wellbeing needs will be in a much better place than the student who hasn't.  Find out about the impact of nutrition, physical activity and positive self-talk on exams. 

Before, During and After Exams

In these modules students find out what they can do in these 3 separate areas to maximise their preparedness and also their mindset. 


Exam Results Disappointment

In this module students find out how to navigate the disappointment of poor results and how to care for themselves and their self-worth when their results aren’t what they hoped for.

PLUS 8 Videos to watch with Educational Psychologist Julia McAllister

So much help in here for me at exam time.
I used these tips to get me through from high school to university.  This course definitely helped me to be
exam ready. 

Celine Barnes
Otago University

Get Study-Ready today


Every day counts, the sooner the better – the younger the easier

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