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Chemistry Class


You are invited to sponsor a student for one of the programmes that we offer. 
You can be involved as much or as little as you would like.  You can nominate the programme you wish to sponsor, the NZ High School you wish to sponsor and add in any specific requests like social media stories.

We will offer you the opportunity to select your own candidates from your client base and/or we will advertise your sponsorship through our social media channels.

Tertiary Ready

FMG is proud to sponsor and provide support to Sarah Aronsen from Twizel Area school as she plans her future in the Agricultural sector of New Zealand


Tertiary Ready

Argyle Welsh Finnigan is proud to sponsor and provide support to Ella Braidwood from Mt Hutt College as she navigates the move from secondary to tertiary education.

Life Ready

Power of Light & Oils  is proud to sponsor and provide support to Amuri Area School students doing the Summer School programme

Thank you to Kate Taylor

from communiKate for sponsoring students for Summer Schools 2022.

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