An invitation to sponsor a student
You are invited to sponsor a student for one of the programmes that we offer.  You can be involved as much or as little as you would like. 
You can nominate the programme you wish to sponsor, the NZ High School you wish to sponsor and add in any specific requests (like that the sponsee have her sponsorship story on your facebook page). 

Argyle Welsh Finnigan - Sponsor for Tertiary Ready - 2020


Argyle Welsh Finnigan is proud to sponsor and provide support to

Ella Braidwood from Mt Hutt College as she navigates the move

from secondary to tertiary education.

Ella Braidwood's Testimonial


"My visit to the law firm went great.  I was paired up with a younger solicitor who could answer all my questions around studying law as well as give me advice from their own experiences.  I got to meet people throughout the firm that worked in a range of different areas of law and it provided great insight into what my future career could look like.  I found it super helpful and it has increased my understanding of what practical work a law degree could lead me to as well as preparing me for my time at university.  Thank you so much for making my visit possible today, I both enjoyed it and benefitted from it."

FMG - Sponsor for Tertiary Ready - 2020

Our thanks to FMG for their sponsorship of an Agri sponsorship.

This is on offer now, more information here



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