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Scholarship Applications

Tertiary scholarships can change your life!

Our coach Hannah received more than $30,000 in academic scholarships during her tertiary study, but she says the scholarships did more than assist her financially.

"I wouldn't have been able to afford my Master's degree without the help of these scholarships. But the Work Integrated Learning scholarship helped me decide what path I wanted to take after university. It was an incredibly rewarding experience that I'm so grateful to have had."

The Thrive for Girls Scholarship service includes Hannah's personal guidance, advice and compilation of a generic scholarship you can reuse as the foundation for your applications. 

You will receive the following

  • A template form to guide you in your information gathering.

  • A PDF guide for requesting quality references from referees

  • Close guidance in how to write what is required so it is actually in your own words

  • Editing by Hannah in what you have crafted with her help

  • Formatting by Hannah into a professional document

Scholarship Applications

Scholarship Applications


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