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Sept or Oct 2020

We recognise that Year 12 and 13 students have had an extremely tough year and NCEA is going to be even more challenging than it usually is.

Our qualified teacher/coach Donna has prepared a programme to support students in the lead up to their exams.  As an NCEA moderator we know that Donna is going to be able to provide excellent support to students as they gear up for their important final exams.

September 2020

This is the foundational building block that we encourage all girls begin with.  This programme is offered to girls from year 10 - 13.  This month long programme is a self development journey to help girls develop their confidence and capability to manage whatever comes their way.  Everything we need to know to make the best choices in life are not in a High School curriculum, we add the practical skills required to give girls the tools that they will need.

Tertiary Ready

 Our coaching team have created 20 coaching lessons to help students prepare for what is ahead of them and ensure that they are prepared.

Students will listen to 5 video podcasts we have recorded with guest presenters.  An optional extra to the programme includes the opportunity to complete an Extended DISC profile to ensure that the study course chosen is the best for the student


Landing a job in NZ in the post Covid19 environment will be a challenge for every young person leaving high school.  Over the month of August we will ensure students are working towards building a quality CV, understanding how interviews work and creating a social media presence that will hold them in good stead for job hunting.  Every participant will receive a full psychometric report on her behavioural profiling that can be used in her CV.

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