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My tightly closed lips trembled. I tried with all my might to squeeze deeper into myself the laughter that burst out. My eyes treacherously moistened, and I could not even remove the tear that had slipped from my eyelashes and was now tickling my cheek. It is forbidden for us, the croupier, to wave our arms unnecessarily. Here I am, blinking wet eyelashes like a Barbie after a shower It is not for nothing that I don’t like to use cosmetics in my life, albeit not quite young, twenty-five. But in a casino for a female croupier, there is not only a dress code, but also a “face code” - without red lips and puppet eyelashes, they will not be allowed to distribute cards or spin the roulette wheel. It's good that my mascara is resistant to tears and other liquids, otherwise I could not escape the wrath of Ai-Petri.

- Thirteen ... Take a card ... will you? - stopping his breath so as not to laugh,

I suggested to the players.



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