Life Ready

Life Ready


Life-Ready is our foundational programme addressing key information that will provide the keys to thriving.  Our programme helps you to prepare for all that is ahead of you. 


You can access the coaching programme at your own pace at your own place and you have access to COACH Marina while you are on the programme.  Students can sign up to Life-Ready from Year 9.

  • Your Coach

    COACH: Marina Shearer

    BSc. psychology Diploma Professional Coaching

    Marina studied psychology at the University of Canterbury and received her Diploma of Coaching through the Southern Institute of Technology.   She also holds a qualification in business communication from Trinity College and is a Master Trainer in Australasia for Extended DISC.  She has 15 years experience with NZ Institute of Management as a consultant and is now a facilitator for MHREC (mental health resource and education centre)

  • Programme Content

    1.  Welcome and Introduction 

    2.  Values

    3.  Be your own encourager

    4.  Play to your strengths

    5.  Mindfulness introduction

    6.  Mindfulness body scan

    7.  No judging

    8.  Mindfulness autopilot

    9.  A space for response

    10. Vulnerability introduction

    11. Vulnerability & generations

    12. Vulnerability & johari

    13. Anxiety to serenity

    14. Fabulously unique you

    15. Disappointment

    16. Navigating friendship

    17. Relationships

    18. Habits

    19. Communication

    20. Goals for life.