Life Ready

Life Ready


Life-Ready is our foundational programme addressing key information that will provide the keys to thriving.  Our programme helps you to prepare for all that is ahead of you. 


You can access the coaching programme at your own pace at your own place and you have access to COACH Marina while you are on the programme.  Students can sign up to Life-Ready from Year 9.

  • Course Contents

    .  Welcome and introduction

    2. Personal organisation

    3.  How to study (1)

    4.  How to study (2)

    5.  Wellbeing (1)

    6.  Wellbeing (2)

    7.  Sleep, food and exercise

    8.  Positive self-talk

    9.  The bigger picture

    10. Procrastination (1)

    11. Procrastination (2)

    12. Rewards in study

    13. Anxiety and exam fear

    14. Expectations

    15. Before the exam

    16. During the exam (1)

    17. During the exam (2)

    18. After an exam

    19. Waiting for results

    20. Getting your results

    21. Coping with failure

  • Your Coach

    COACH: Donna Luand

    BA English, Diploma Teaching

    Donna is an English teacher with over 25 years experience in a variety of schools in New Zealand and overseas. During this time Donna has worked for the Ministry of Education’s website, contracted to NZQA and supported students at distance nationwide.

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