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The power of creative pursuits

Updated: Jan 10

In a world where dopamine hits from tech time are difficult to disentangle from there is an alternative that can offer the same addictive high.

Once a connection has been formed that releases dopamine in the brain it is very challenging to find anything that can bring about that same kind of pleasure. Hours of time connected to a device is not only demotivating but can also be devastating if the user is losing their feelings of worth as they compare themselves with what they are viewing; a highly curated and filtered world.

Check in with any serious crafter and you may find the solution. There are crafters of all ages doing their thing and finding hours slipping by as they immerse themselves into their tasks, oblivious to the online world for the hours they are crafting. Their souls are re-creating and their stress is dissipating as they enjoy the escape into another world.

Knitting, patchwork, crochet, painting, jewellery making, embriodery, cross stitch, photography, sewing, bread making, mosaics, bird feeders, pottery and on and on the possibilities go.

Frankie aged 14 broke her leg and was confined to the couch for weeks, her normal lack of physical activity quickly turned to frustration until her mother handed her a simple needle, a bag of carded wool and a Pinterest account of possibilities. Frankie took to needle felting like the proverbial duck to water and was quickly showing she had an unknown artistic flair, one post onto instagram of one of her creations, a Christmas sheep and the orders came in. Frankie was busy teaching herself how to felt letters onto balls as requests came through her mothers instagram account. For this tween who wanted to earn money but was too young to be employed needle felting became her productive personal industry.

The link between creativity and wellbeing has been well researched and is of importance to organisations who are trying to empower their employees to imagine things that have not yet been imagined. Silicon Valley is rife with companies striving to innovate; they have found that by empowering creativity in the downtime of their employees they benefit through innovation.

Individuals who are creating are able to innovate, problem solve, and recover from stress all through spending time at the "making table". Individuals who have learned to make things from a young age are likely to try new things and continue their journey into making things.

School holidays are wonderful time for exploration and Pinterest is a fantastic app full of inspiration. When you introduce your children to craft and they find a place of connection and interest the dopamine will take over.

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