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Coaching is facilitated via zoom 

Marina Shearer                    

Extended DISC Master Trainer

BSc. psychology, Diploma Professional Coaching

$75 + GST per hour


  • wellbeing coaching

  • relationship coaching

  • extended DISC coaching

  • tertiary education coaching

  • conflict coaching

  • communication skills coaching

  • confidence coaching

Jo Mathieson                    

Extended DISC practitioner

$75 + GST per hour


  • workplace coaching

  • interview skills coaching

  • job seeking coaching

Donna Luond                    

NCEA Moderator/High School Teacher

$75 + GST per hour


  • exam coaching

  • time management coaching

Hannah McManus                    

Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies

$75 + GST per hour


  • Scholarship services including coaching and

      professional design

  • High School Tutoring in English/Media subjects

  • Tertiary Tutoring in English/Media subjects

  • ESOL Tutoring

Professional Application Package  

$550 + GST                        

​This package includes the following customised solutions.  

  • a cover letter specifically written for the job you seek to apply for

  • a CV created for you specifically for the job you seek to apply for

  • a 1 hour interview skills coaching preparation for the job you seek to apply for 

Due to the customisation involved in this package we require 5-10 days to provide this service from the initial contact with you through to the delivery of the content we have created for you.


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