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1-1 coaching

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the personal coaching approach
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Sometimes the best option is 1-1 coaching.  Students can have their personal needs identified and addressed in targeted coaching that is completely about them.  Either you can choose your coach or you can contact us and we can help to partner you with a coach who we believe will be best suited to your needs.

Our coaching team have specialist skills including

career coaching

anxiety coaching

neuro diversity coaching

social emotional intelligence



relationship development


self confidence

Coaching may be one session or a few sessions in length depending on what is agreed to, each student will receive a free coaching call (either with a parent or the student) in this call we will evaluate the needs of the student and make a recommendation for a coach.  The coach will book the first session and then give advice for further coaching sessions if they recommend them.


To book your first session follow the link below.  This will create an automatic call from Thrive for Girls to discuss the student with our team member who calls you.  Alternatively feel free to email to ask further questions

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