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Tertiary Ready Podcast - Lorissa

Lorissa, Bachelor of Science majoring in Anatomy and Genetics & Master of Science in Genetics. Otago University
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Lorissa Mcdougall

Tertiary Institution: Otago University

Highest Qualification: Master of Science in Genetics

Lorissa began her Tertiary study at Otago studying Health Science, with a range of sciences.  Half way through first year she decided that she was interested in anatomy and cells so she went off to get help about how she could plan her degree.  Her undergrad degree took her four years.  She spent her first year at Salmond Halls of residence and then flatted for the rest of her study.  At the end of her degree she felt the push for post grade.  Hear how she is using her degree now and what her journey was like at Otago University in the world of science.

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