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Life Ready 

Life-Ready is our foundational programme addressing key information that will provide the important basics to thriving.  Our programme helps students to prepare for all that is ahead of them.  Students can access the coaching programme at their own pace & place.


1.  Welcome and Introduction

2.  Values

3.  Be your own encourager

4.  Play to your strengths

5.  Mindfulness introduction

6.  Mindfulness body scan

7.  No judging

8.  Mindfulness autopilot

9.  A space for response

10. Vulnerability introduction

11. Vulnerability & generations

12. Vulnerability & johari

13. Anxiety to serenity

14. Fabulously unique you

15. Disappointment

16. Navigating friendship

17. Relationships

18. Habits

19. Communication

20. Goals for life.


Coach Marina Shearer

BSc. psychology - University of Canterbury

Diploma  Professional Coaching - Southern Institute of Technology
Master Trainer - Extended DISC

Strongs Inventory - certified practitioner

Trinity College - Business Communication Certificate


I have gained lots of knowledge about myself during this course.  One thing that 

I got from this group which surprised me was that it brought me and Mum closer

together.  We talked about the group, about what was being posted and about

what I was finding out about. myself. Thank you for this awesome opportunity. 


Holly - 2020 Life Ready Participant.