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every student needs to be ready for life

At the core of every student there needs to be self understanding, self belief, resilience, communication confidence and an ability to handle what the world sends their way.


Life-Ready is our foundational programme with essential information that will provide the important basics to thriving.  Our programme helps students to prepare for all that is ahead of them by creating a solid foundation to build upon.


Students can access the coaching programme at their own pace and place with or without the support of our coaching team.  We encourage motivated girls from age 13 upwards for self directed coaching OR "Mothers as Coaches"  for mature girls aged 10-12; or choose our coach support model where we guide students through the programme with the option of emails, zooms or phone chats.

Life-Ready Programme Content

There are 20 self coaching units in the Life-Ready programme, these include: 


The critical role of your personal values system

This is the core compass for every person and most people are completely unaware of what their personal values are.  In this module students will identify their top 10 personal values and find out how to use this as their compass.


Backing yourself

We are surrounded by a lot of different voices and opinions the key voice we want to develop is the one that comes from within.  The voice that says "I’ve got this" and “I’m OK with the choice I’ve made” and  “I’m doing my best with this”.  Learning to lean in to your own voice and encourage yourself will be one of the best empowerments students will be challenged to begin; or continue.


Playing to your Strengths

In a world that shouts out about our weaknesses and imperfections we encourage students to know their strengths.  When we focus on what we are good at and fine tune the things that come easily to us then we learn to filter out the noise of those around and tune into what we do well.



Students will learn techniques to help them focus better, relax when they need to and avoid judging themselves and others, rather; letting things be, and accepting the things we cannot change.


The Grace Space

In this module students find out about the difference between being reactive and proactive in situations and learn how a space of time can make all the difference to them.  Viktor Frankl and his famous quote about allowing space will guide students as they learn to remember to give themselves space to decide.

Vision Boarding

Each student who signs up will get our Virtual Vision Boarding PDF included, this includes all the instructions and guidance to build a personal Vision Board.  These help students to identify interests, motivators and things that bring them joy, all of which help in wellbeing and goal formation.

A quality course, highly recommended! 
Filled with awesome gems for mums too. 
Brilliant Mahi ladies.

Polly Brownlee 
Mum Christchurch

Add Strengths Profiling to your List

Girls need to be strong to thrive, we recommend Strengths Profiling to help them understand their specific and unique Strengths and build confidence in themselves.  


Dr Treena Casey provides a 1-1 zoom debrief and coaching session with every profile to help students understand how to maximise their Strengths in their life.  For more information and examples of Strengths Profiles click here

Get Life-Ready today


Every day counts, the sooner the better – the younger the easier

Life-Ready Independent $55 

Access to the full programme including email support for 1 month. Students can do this alone or with a family member for support.

Life-Ready Coached $150

Access to the full programme including email support for 1 month  PLUS 1 hour of 1-1 coaching with one of our coaching team.  This hour can be 4 x 15minute sessions and can be via phone/email or zoom.

OPTIONAL Clifton Strengths Profiling $195

A Strengths Profile Report + 1-1 coaching with Dr Treena Casey to help you understand and develop your Strengths. 

OPTIONAL Coaching $95 p/hr

For additional support on anything that this programme brings up for you


OPTIONAL Counselling $130 p/hr

Our Thrive for Girls Registered Counsellor Sue Page is available for extra support as required

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