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Job Ready Programme - your career is waiting

  • Be the proactive job seeker

  • Get your CV to the top of the pile

  • Ensure you interview with confidence

  • Prepare yourself with the skills employers are looking for

  • Present your employer with the strengths from your behavioural profiling

  • Take charge of your future now!





Now is the MOST  important time for you to stand out from the crowd

Jo Mathieson will spend 1 month preparing your daughter in a group coaching situation to get ready for the job market. She will have presented to her all the information that she needs to get herself job-ready.



  • 4 recorded coaching sessions 

  • 1 month membership to a private facebook group for interaction with Jo

Topics that will be included in the monthly coaching

CV Creation - how to put together a powerful CV

Anxiety - how to diminish fear and be more confident

Self Esteem - the importance of self belief 

Goal Setting - skills to assist you to create and achieve great goals

Interview Skills - the basics of interviewing well

Emotional Intelligence - how to show that you have this in your toolkit

Proactive Job Seeking - how to get ahead of the competition

Personal Presentation - the importance of looking the part

Social Media - using LinkedIn to network and understand the power of social

Networking - using all your networks to assist you 

Saying No - find out when and how to say No when you really need to.


Add a full psychometric report to your Job-Ready package and receive a 19 page personalised report that can be used to identify opportunities for your daughter.  This report comes with a 45 min coaching recorded for her to understand how to maximise her report. $240 to upgrade for the Extended DISC report. 


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