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1.  Welcome and Introduction to Job Ready

2.  Jobs & Personality

3.  Using Your Connections

4.  Social Media

5.  Interviews

6.  Networking

7.  Emotional Intelligence

8.  Understanding Your Interests

9.  Good Work Habits

10.  Managing Stress

11.  Job Hunting Resilience

12.  Your Cover Letter

13.  Creating Your CV

14.  What to Wear part 1

15.  What to Wear part 2

16.  Harassment 

17.  Office Politics

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Programme Author: Coach Jo Mathieson

Agile Coach AMP Australasia

Extended DISC Practitioner

Qualified Pilot

Our Job-Ready programme is designed to give you the advantage in the job market.   Our goal is to help you be ready to put your best foot forward and give the process your very best.  

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