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Tertiary Ready Podcast - Harriet

Harriet, Bachelor of Arts from the University of Canterbury 
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Harriet Bremner

Tertiary Institution: University of Canterbury

Qualification: Bachelor of Arts, major education and minor sociology.

Harriet had a dream to become a speech and language therapist to help stroke patients learn to speak again, she ventured off to Canterbury University to begin the journey that morphed into a change of direction to Lincoln University to test out her skill in the Ag field which changed again at the end of second year and saw her head back to Canterbury.  At the end of four years of study Harriet was a qualified primary school teacher and on the day of the Christchurch earthquake she was on her first teaching placement at Woodend school in a classrom with 5 year olds.  No longer teaching and now leading a very different kind of life, Harriet says she wouldn't change anything about her tertiary experience.  Hear her story of change and opportunity.

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