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 Extended DISC


DISC is a well known psychometric test that identifies 4 combinations of behavioural style,

click each of the links below for more information about each style.

Thrive for Girls are licensed to offer Extended DISC psychometric profiling to assist girls to get an advantage in life, we purchase reports in bulk to provide this exclusive pricing offer for you.

Extended DISC reports measures the following:


Your natural DISC profile 

Your adjusted DISC profile

Your energy profile

Your strengths and challenges

Your stress responses

Your motivators and demotivators

How you behave in a group/team

Your role in a group/team

Competence for a number of attributes

What you get:


online login for the assessment that should take 15 minutes to complete

a customised 20 page report emailed within 24 hours

a live debrief with a qualified TFG DISC practitioner

Classmates in the Library