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Extended DISC

Psychometric Profiling


Self Understanding + Self Awareness = Self Confidence


Thrive for Girls $144 Subsidy for Profiling 

Unlock and understand your true potential 

to allow you to thrive in all areas of your life


Establish who you are, how you respond and how others see you.


Find out where your strengths lie and how to maximise them


Identify your motivators and demotivators 

Learn your range of competencies and how to maximise them

Extended DISC Behavioural Profiling is the key to self acceptance

Qualified Coaching Team

quantified psychometric reporting

You are welcome to choose a coach from our team to coach you through your Extended DISC report either face to face or via zoom depending on your location.  Or we will choose a coach for you.​  When you purchase a profile we will make contact and ask if you have a coach preference.

Coach Marina - Christchurch

Coach Christine - Wellington

Coach Nicola - Tauranga

Coach Brooke - Waikato

Coach Lucy - Hamilton

Extended DISC is one of the most popular profiling tools in the world.  It is used extensively in organisations for personal and professional development.  If you would like your CV created by Thrive for Girls we take content from Behavioural Analysis reports for your CV development. 


Thrive for Girls offers two reports for girls aged 15 and over


1.  Behavioural Analysis $195.00 (RRP $339)

  • Natural Style and Adjusted Style behaviours

  • Team Role (Participator, Supporter, Assurer, Communicator, Influencer, Stimulator, Specialist, Changer, Developer)

  • Motivators and Demotivators

  • Strengths and Under Pressure Behaviours

  • Competencies in communication, time management, decision making, goal setting, empathy

  • Learning Style

  • Stress generators and coping mechanisms



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