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Exams are a part of our national education system, and are challenging for all students; there are very few students who look forward to an exam.


Exam Ready is our programme created to support students through their exams whether they be at High School, Polytech or University.  We know that this content is vital for every student who is serious about getting the best results that they can possibly achieve while maintaining their own wellbeing.


Students can access the coaching programme at their own pace and place and contact our coaching team via email for questions during their membership period.

Exam-Ready Programme Content

There are 20 self coaching units in the Exam-Ready programme, these include: 


How to Study

Learning how to study is a skill not taught by many schools.  Exams require the retention and demonstration of learned information; learn how to study this for exam preparation.


Your self care will play a huge part in your exam performance.  A student who has taken care of their wellbeing needs will be in a much better place than the student who hasn't.  Find out about the impact of nutrition, physical activity and positive self talk on exams. 


Playing to your Strengths

In a world that shouts out about our weaknesses and imperfections we encourage students to know their strengths.  When we focus on what we are good at and fine tune the things that come easily to us then we learn to filter out the noise of those around and tune into what we do well.



Students will learn techniques to help them focus better, relax when they need to and avoid judging themselves and others, rather; letting things be, and accepting the things we cannot change.


The Grace Space

In this module students find out about the difference between being reactive and proactive in situations and learn how a space of time can make all the difference to them.  Viktor Frankl and his famous quote about allowing space will guide students as they learn to remember to give themselves space to decide.

Vision Boarding

Each student who signs up will get our Virtual Vision Boarding PDF included, this includes all the instructions and guidance to build a personal Vision Board.  These help students to identify interests, motivators and things that bring them joy, all of which help in wellbeing and goal formation.

So much help in here for me at exam time.
I used these tips to get me through from high school to university.  This course definitely helped me to be
exam ready. 

Celine Barnes
Otago University

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Every day counts, the sooner the better – the younger the easier

Exam-Ready Independent $55 

Access to the full programme including email support for 1 month. Students can do this alone or with a family member for support.

Exam-Ready Coached $150

Access to the full programme including email support for 1 month  PLUS 1 hour of 1-1 coaching with one of our coaching team.  This hour can be 4 x 15minute sessions and can be via phone/email or zoom.

OPTIONAL Coaching $95 p/hr

For additional support on anything that this programme brings up for you


OPTIONAL Counselling $130 p/hr

Our Thrive for Girls Registered Counsellor Sue Page is available for extra support as required