the exam ready programme - for girls who want success

  • Organise your study space to set yourself up for excellent study habits

  • Organise your study time to be productive and efficient

  • Take charge of your motivation and focus by setting our smart study goals

  • Power-up your well being so you are ready for peak performance

COACH: Donna Luand BA English, Diploma Teaching

Donna is an English teacher with over 25 years experience in a variety of schools in New Zealand and overseas. During this time Donna has worked for the Ministry of Education’s website, contracted to NZQA and supported students at distance nationwide.


Summary skills - manage your notes and know what to study 

Read for meaning - how to read on, between, and beyond the lines 

Structure skills - format an essay and get to the point for great marks

NCEA Tips -  know what the examiners are looking for and give it to them

Ask for help - how to maximise your teachers

Tutorials - get the most from a tutorial with our tips on how to use them best

Time Management - how to ensure you study enough for each subject and juggle your life

Personal Organisation - how to organise your study space for success

What to study - essential skills and content

How to study - tips and tricks

Learning Styles - know your style and maximise your learning

Well-being - create an effective food, sleep and exercise plan

Overcoming challenges - staying positive when it gets tough 

Procrastination - how to stay focused and see your progress

Anxiety - dealing with exam fears effectively

Exam ready - navigate before, during and after exams stages successfully


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