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Exam Ready

Exam Ready is our programme created to support students through their exams whether they be at High School, Polytech or University.  We know that this content is vital for every student who is serious about getting the best results.  Students can access the coaching programme at their own pace and place and contact our coaching team via email for questions during their membership period.

You receive access to the full programme including email support for 1 month.


1.  Welcome and introduction

2. Personal organisation

3.  How to study (1)

4.  How to study (2)

5.  Wellbeing (1)

6.  Wellbeing (2)

7.  Sleep, food and exercise

8.  Positive self-talk

9.  The bigger picture

10. Procrastination (1)

11. Procrastination (2)

12. Rewards in study

13. Anxiety and exam fear

14. Expectations

15. Before the exam

16. During the exam (1)

17. During the exam (2)

18. After an exam

19. Waiting for results

20. Getting your results

21. Mindfulness and results