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Tertiary Ready Podcast
Dr Sally de Graaf

Dr Sally de Graaf, Bachelor of Veterinary Science Massey University  
Dr Sally de Graaf
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Dr Sally de Graaf

Tertiary Institution: Massey University 

Qualification: Bachelor of Veterinary Science

From the time Sally started primary school she wanted to be a Vet.  Her entire education was planned towards achieving this dream, which ended up taking 9 years to complete.  After spending her first semester at Massy and not gaining entry Sally knew that it was going to be a long haul for entry.  She decided to relocate to Canterbury, her home town and completed a BSc. at UC and reapply.  It took 4 years before Sally was accepted into the Vet Programme at Massey.  Sally talks about juggling being a Vet, the challenges and her new journey juggling motherhood and work.

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