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Tertiary Ready Podcast - Donna

Donna Luond, Teacher and Thrive Coach for Exam Ready
Donna Luond Pod Cast
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Donna Luond

Tertiary Institution: Massey University

Halls of Residence: The Courts
Qualifications: Bachelor of English; Diploma of Teaching

After finishing at a small rural Co-Ed school, Donna started Massey University at age17 and  completed her degree.  She spent her first year at the Halls of Residence and made special connections which she has to this day. She flatted after that but decided not to flat with friends so she could meet new people. After completing her degree she took a GAP year as a Nanny; then attended Teachers College to persue her passion for teaching. She has challenged herself to change jobs every three years to allow for continued learning and personal growth. Her advice is to live your life for you and enjoy the journey.  

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