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You have 30 seconds to get their attention

With such high stakes, it's important to stand out above the rest. Our coaching team help craft personalised, professional CVs that will capture recruiters' attention for longer than 30 seconds.

Our goal is to make your CV sit on the top of the recruiters pile

Hannah McManus

Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies

"I love to help students prepare for success, nothing brings me more joy than knowing that I've helped someone to get a job" Hannah McManus

$99 CV package

​This package includes the following customised solutions.  

  • a cover letter you can tailor for the job you seek to apply for

  • a CV created that is powerfully written and professionally designed

Due to the customisation involved in this package we require 5-10 days to provide this service from the initial contact with you through to the delivery of the content we have created for you.


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