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10 seconds. That's all you get


When you apply for a role, 10 seconds is how long the hiring manager will spend skimming through your CV to see if you have what they’re looking for. 

Which makes it important to stand out. Not in any gimmicky ways that will make you memorable for the wrong reasons, but with a solid, professional CV and excellent cover letter that will impress.

What they’re looking for is someone who can do the job, who will fit into the team, and who will be good to work with. Those are the things that get you to the shortlist.

So how do we do that?

First, we’ll put together your CV. We treat this as a marketing document, so we’ll make sure it includes all your achievements as well as your work and education history. 

With our professional design templates, it will also look as good as its contents!

And what about a cover letter?

We’ll help you with that, too. Most advertisements ask for a cover letter, and this is your opportunity to explain why you’re interested in this particular role. There’s a bit more to it than just rewriting your CV – and we’ll help you not only get it read, but have them wanting to interview you!

Your investment

Your investment in your CV and cover letter package is $195.

This includes:

  • A powerfully-written CV, customised for you

  • A compelling cover letter that you can tailor for the job you’re applying for

  • Personal advice from our coach about what to expect from the process


This package is completely customised, so we need 5-10 days for this service from initial contact to delivery.

Give yourself an extra boost


Want extra content about your own particular strengths for your CV?


Content like this:


Annie is a team oriented individual who enjoys working with a group of people in a collaborative manner;  she is conscientious and has a strong eye for details


Bella is courageous and action oriented; efficiency and results are what drive her.  She has a flair for finding better ways to do things and enjoys working independently. 

Then the Extended DISC report add-on is for you! This option gives you some extra insights into your style of communication, your behaviours and your strengths, which you can use to help give potential employers a better sense of who you are.  The examples below are excerpts from Extended DISC profiles that have been used in CV's.


Find out more about Extended DISC profiling here

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