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Christine Mutch

Bachelor of Arts (Hons)

Dip Teaching (Secondary) 

Graduate Certificate in Career Development

Extended DISC Practitioner


Christine holds a BA (Hons) from Victoria University, in Geography and a Diploma of Secondary Teaching. She believes people learn best when they feel understood, are curious, motivated and having fun.


Christine’s focused on helping people to establish or develop their careers, using her professional coaching experience, models from her Graduate Certificate in Career Development (NMIT) and as an eDISC practitioner. She lives in Wellington with her husband and three children.



Christine loves helping people to unlock their potential. She’s done this as a secondary teacher, professional development leader, management consultant and career coach. Currently she runs her own business (Nimble Career Coaching), mentors three women at Victoria University and works at Thrive for Girls.


Each of these roles involves encouraging and inspiring people, improving their self-knowledge, highlighting future options and providing practical tools to help them craft their future. Starting post-school life with a flexible career plan can provide an incredibly useful, positive anchor for life.


When people study or work in an area they enjoy it boosts their confidence, which often leads to success and enhanced future work opportunities. This strong foundation helps build their identity and financial security in their 20s.


Having worked with a wide range of women in their careers across many industries, Christine understands what helps and hinders success in tertiary training and in the NZ workforce. Her ability to connect with people and share her knowledge and practical advice in an accessible way, will help get your daughter’s professional life off to a fantastic start.