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Brooke Trenwith

Diploma of Positive Psychology

Post Graduate Diploma of Special Education (Gifted and Talented) with Distinction

Post Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary Teaching)

BA in Ancient History, Art History and Classical Studies

Extended DISC Practitioner

The Leadership Circle Profile Practitioner

Strengths Profile Practitioner


Brooke is passionate about coaching and trains teachers to be coaches within their school setting as well as using her coaching skills with leaders and students she works with. ​ Passionate about helping people turn their potential into performance.


Brooke has taught early childhood through to university level and has mentored 100s of students along the way, with a particular focus on those that identify as gifted or neurodivergent. ​


Brooke provides support for all those young women who feel that they think differently to others. Her coaching style helps to sort through the multiple threads of thoughts in neurodivergent brains and supports people to find the strengths in the labels they have been given. Often we can get overwhelmed by the internal pressure we put on ourselves, Brooke helps us to navigate the pressure and find support while making sure we do not burn ourselves out in the process.

Having left the classroom in 2013, Brooke works as an education consultant for her own company and has been involved in reference groups for the Ministry of Education around the NZ Curriculum review and refresh.

Brooke was President of the New Zealand Association for Gifted Children (2016-2020), a NZ representative on the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children (2016-2020) and now puts her energy into providing support direct to students, their whānau and their teachers. 

Her particular interest is in coaching others to recognise the power within themselves and developing their own agency in creating a life that they want. Brooke’s coaching skills, linked with her passion for Positive Psychology brings a strengths-based approach to all her coaching.


Brooke runs two small businesses. Her educational consultancy business, supporting teachers and families both face to face and online, and a Bed and Breakfast based in Onewhero, Northern Waikato. 

How we can help:

  • Individual online courses on different ‘labels’ to help you understand the label and what strengths-based strategies can be used to manage the challenges (we help you learn what the teachers know)

  • Conscious Inclusion Online Bundle subscription – your own label ‘Netflix’ to dip in and out of as you would like to

  • Summarising Ed or Clinical Psychologist reports to support you with strategies to suggest to your school

  • Support for IEP meetings, mediation or school discussions to ensure that the teachers are putting in place research based actions that will support your child

  • Recommendations on what systems and/or technology could be used to support your child’s anxiety

  • Advice Zoom chats about the next steps for your child

Thrive for Girls & Potential to Performance PARENTS OFFER

The Parents Bundle gives you access to Brooke's incredible content for $30 per month

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