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Tertiary Ready Podcast - Ashley

Ashley, Bachelor of Social Work from Massey Uni
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Ashley Nally


Tertiary Institution: Massey University

Qualification: Bachelor of Social Work 

Ashley’s life could be described is a journey of many twists and turns.  After completing Year 13 she went to Wellington to study radio and completed her certificate of broadcasting, she came home to Blenheim and worked for Mediaworks but decided that broadcasting wasn’t really for her.  After a series of sad losses in her life that included her mother, a close friend and her grandfather; Ashley decided to venture to Germany as an Au Pair, she shares the highlights of this experience.  Two years after leaving NZ she returned and decided to begin her tertiary education, she was accepted into the Bachelor of Social Work at Massey University distance learning department and is two years into her degree while working full time for Women’s Refuge.  Ashley is a great example of a woman who has tried a few things, found her place and has settled on the career she knows is the best fit for her.  

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