the question is not how to survive but how to thrive with passion, compassion, humour and

Thrive for Girls offers support to girls from the beginning of their journey into  High School through to University or Job Seeking.  Our coaching provides support that complements formal education, encouraging girls to develop confidence, set goals, manage anxiety and plan their pathway forward.  Our programmes are designed for girls in NZ and Australia to give them an advantage in their futures.  Check out our suite of services, podcasts and coaching programmes through our menu.

coaching reviews
Molly has undertaken the Extended DISC profiling as part of her career development.  She was comfortable with Coach Jo and found her approachable and without judgement.  Molly came out of her sessions with Jo visibly more relaxed about where she is at in the world.  We plan to use Thrive for Scholarship applications, CV writing and interview techniques in the future.  I think working with Thrive is going to be invaluable.

Emma Newman

Happy teenager african american girl student in white t-shirt rejoices to win and success,