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about thrive coaching for girls

Thrive for girls is a New Zealand based online coaching programme designed to support girls at each age and stage of their high school journey.


We provide practical advice to complement every girl's formal education, encouraging girls to develop confidence, set goals, and plan the pathway forward to their future.


Our coaching team are qualified in their expert fields and dedicated to support girls from all walks of life.  


Our digital coaching fits into the schedule of any student. It's easy to join. Just sign up and the coaching materials are delivered to your email inbox.  Girls have access to support from our coaches while they're in our programme.


Mums who want to can join our private Facebook page.

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inspirational interviews with women
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coaching reviews


I have gained lots of knowledge about myself during this course. One thing that I got from this group which surprised me was that it brought me and my mum closer, we talked about the group, about what was being posted and about what I was finding out about myself.
Thank you for this awesome opportunity.

Holly G, June 2020


our coaches

Marina Shearer
Jo Mathieson
Donna Luond

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