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thrive for girls coaching 

Thrive for girls offers support to girls beginning in year 9 of High School through to University or Job Seeking.  Our coaching provides support that complements formal education, encouraging girls to develop confidence, set goals, manage anxiety and plan their pathway forward.  Our programmes are designed for girls in NZ and Australia.​  We offer four core programmes for girls to work through at their own pace and their own place as well as a full suite of coaching services.

Life-Ready for year 9 - 13

Exam-Ready for year 11-13

Job-Ready for year 11-13

Tertiary-Ready for year 12-13

coaching reviews
I have gained lots of knowledge about myself during this course. One thing that I got from this group which surprised me was that it brought me and my mum closer, we talked about the group, about what was being posted and about what I was finding out about myself.
Thank you for this awesome opportunity.

Holly G, June 2020